WATCH: Tiffany Haddish meeting Oprah for the first time will make you cry

2018-02-23 11:06

Cape Town – Super fan Tiffany Haddish met Oprah Winfrey for the first time and her reaction was priceless.

The Girls Trip star appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show on Thursday and told the host all about her business proposition for Oprah called Tiff and O’s vegetables.

Tiffany then went on to tell Ellen about the first time she met Oprah when she was an extra on a movie Their Eyes Were Watching God which Oprah was producing. 

"She had walked by and I was making all the other extras laugh… She said, 'You’re a very funny young lady.' I was like and she said, 'What’s your name?’ I said, ‘My name is Tiffany Haddish, and I’m a stand-up comedian.'"

Oprah then told her to keep her update with her career and to write to her, which Tiffany did but Oprah never wrote back. 

To which Ellen responded: "Let's ask her why she didn’t write back. Oprah, why didn’t you write back?"

Tiffany’s reaction to meeting Oprah is basically all of us. 

Watch it here:

Later in the show Tiffany shows Oprah how to make joyful greens. 

Check it out:

Tiffany went on to gush about her meeting on Instagram alongside a picture she reposted thrice she wrote: "So just so ya'll know I posted it three time because I am that damn happy. Yes! Yes! Yes! I cred and yes I asked her to be my auntie! So all thanks be to God for always coming thru you hear my prayers and anser accordingly amen!"

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