Did Prince Philip cheat on Queen Elizabeth?

2017-12-12 15:22

Cape Town - Netflix’s critically acclaimed series, The Crown, has everyone asking whether Prince Philip had an affair with a Russian ballerina.

Season two of the series delves into the royals’ tumultuous relationship with a storyline which implies that Prince Philip might’ve been unfaithful, according to Mirror.

Episode one shows a young Queen Elizabeth stumbling upon a photograph of world-famous dancer, Galina Ulanova, among Prince Philip’s belongings.

The episode also shows Elizabeth attending one of the dancer’s concerts and the two women share knowing glances at each other, reports People.

However, those hoping for some scandal might be disappointed.

While Ulanova was a real dancer, there’s no evidence of a real-life affair between the dancer and Prince Philip.

“People have often said, ‘He must’ve been unfaithful,’ but there’s no solid evidence for that,” Robert Lacey, who’s the show’s historical consultant, tells People.

“When you’ve seen the episodes, you get why people make that supposition. But there’s no evidence for it.”

Watch the trailer for season 2 of The Crown here:

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