How the Archbishop of Canterbury is prepping for the royal wedding

2018-03-19 11:06
Archbishop Justin Welby

Cape Town – The royal wedding is just two months away and, like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, everyone else involved is doing everything possible to prepare for the big day.

In a recent interview with ITV News, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby shares details of how he is getting ready to pronounce Harry and Meghan ‘husband and wife’.

When asked how he is preparing, the Archbishop said that they are currently engaging in “marriage preparation with the couple” as well as dealing with some of his own personal fears like dropping the rings or forgetting to get the vows in the correct order.

“One has marriage preparation with the couple. You talk about what they want in the wedding, discuss it with the Dean of Widsor,” Welby explained.

He added: “I try and remember, unlike recent weddings, I must not drop the ring, as I did for one of my staff when I took their wedding. I must not forget to get the vows in the right order as I did at the rehearsal for one of my children's weddings—fortunately not for the real thing.”

The Archbishop was also asked about reports that he recently baptised the American actress into the Church of England.

He responded saying it was a “privilege” for him to a part of and that it was a “very special” and “deeply sincere” ceremony.

When asked about his relationship with Meghan, Welby politely declined to comment on his “pastoral relationship” with Meghan.


(Fast forward to 17:22 to hear about the wedding preparations)

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