Inside Prince Harry and Prince William’s special bond

2018-09-04 13:44
prince harry, prince william

Cape Town - There’s no denying the Duke of Cambridge and his younger brother, the Duke of Sussex, have a close bond.

Prince Harry has always been seen as the more outspoken, party-loving brother while Prince William is perceived as the more cautious and measured one.

Although different in character the pair have remained good friends over the years, according to reports.

They also share a lot of similarities – take a look at some of the things that make this brotherly bond even more special.


The brothers named each other their best man – a break from royal tradition

Royal men traditionally have what’s known as a “supporter” at their wedding instead of a best man, Hello Magazine reports. But back in 2011 William decided to break royal protocol and named Harry his best man when he married Catherine.

In 2018, William repaid the favour by being his brother’s best man when he married Meghan.

prince harry, prince william

Shared interests

Both brothers trained as pilots and, like their father, Prince Charles, both served in the British military.

William and Harry are involved in giving back and have numerous charities and events in their name. Together they set up The Royal Foundation, which serves as a hub for their various endeavours.

According to The Cheat Sheet the two even have the same taste in music! 

They practically live together

The royal brothers live close to each other at Kensington Palace, which is also where they grew up.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge live in an apartment in the palace while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex live in Nottingham Cottage in the palace grounds.

Shared tragedy

Princess Diana’s death created friction between some members of the royal family but it brought William and Harry closer.

Harry, who was 12 years old at the time, took his mother’s death especially hard, the Telegraph reports. He finally sought counselling after 20 years, a decision his brother helped him make.

prince harry, prince william

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Harry is close to his sister-in-law and they’ve been quoted expressing their fondness for each other. According to Marie Claire, before Harry wed Meghan he asked his sister-in-law for her approval.

Celebrity friends

Ellie Golding, Michelle Obama, David Beckham, James Blunt . . . need we say more?

Whether it’s through charity, camaraderie or chance, William and Harry are friends with a number of the same famous people. 

What are they pointing at?

The brothers have been photographed on numerous occasions pointing at something and laughing, quite hysterically sometimes. No one knows what they’re pointing at – but it does make for cute pictures.

prince harry, prince william

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(Photos: Getty Images)

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