Prince Harry and Meghan Markle say no to a prenup

2017-12-01 15:51

Cape Town – One is a TV superstar, the other a born-and-bred blue blood – but despite all the assets at stake, Prince Harry (33) and Meghan Markle (36) are unlikely to sign a prenuptial agreement.

Harry’s net worth is a royal £30 million (R554 million), while Meghan’s is estimated at £4 million (R73 million), reports the NY Daily News.

A split might cause some harm to Harry’s finances, but it seems unlikely he’ll want a prenup, if he follows in his father and brother’s footsteps.

Both Prince Charles and Prince William passed on signing prenups, according to US Weekly.

But experts have warned the newly-engaged couple’s decision may not be the wisest.

UK-based family lawyer, Kim Aucott, made reference to Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ public split in 1996 when she spoke to The Express.

“Having seen his parents’ divorce emblazoned across the national papers, you think it would be something Harry is keen to look at,” she said.

“Meghan should be used to this as it is in her line of work, and in Canada its commonplace. She also knows the situation having been through a divorce herself. 

“There is so much more privacy and confidentially with a prenup.”

Princess Diana received a £17 million (R314 million) settlement following the end of her 15-year marriage to Prince Charles.

According to experts, if Meghan and Harry called it quits, the royal family’s heirlooms – including the engagement ring made from diamonds belonging to Harry’s mother – are not at risk.

“I would expect that Princess Diana’s jewels may be owned by a Trust,” another UK lawyer, Julian Hawkhead, explained.

“The diamonds in Meghan’s ring might not therefore belong to Meghan, even though Prince Harry has given the ring to her on their engagement.”

Sources: US Weekly,, Bravotv, NY Daily News.

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