Six things we learnt from Samantha Markle’s interview with Good Morning Britain

2018-07-24 13:37

Cape Town - Meghan Markle’s half-sister is at it again.

In her latest stint Samantha Markle (53) – who’s no stranger to the media – has spoken out in an interview with Good Morning Britain urging the Duchess of Sussex (36) to make contact with her dad.

Here are some of the more provocative disclosures made in the interview:

1. Samantha talks about cashing in on Meghan’s royal status

In the interview the 53-year-old says she has worked in media and broadcasting most of her life and that Meghan’s new-found royalty isn’t going to stop her from doing so.

“We all have to survive,” she says. “Money makes the world go around, so if you want to call that ‘cashing in’ that’s fine but I think that no one in the media would refuse a paycheque for talking about the royals,” she adds.

2. She didn’t spend the day with her dad on his birthday

Samantha acknowledges that she didn’t visit her dad on his 74th birthday, but says that was only because of the “thousands of miles” of distance between them. She goes on to say that she did speak with him on the phone.

“I speak with him every day, so even though I couldn’t be there physically, I was certainly there in spirit.”

3. Samantha claims Thomas Markle just wants closure with the Duchess of Sussex

The reportedly soon-to-be Big Brother reality star emphasises how worried Thomas Markle is about Meghan. She adds that he simply wants to embrace and touch base with her.

She says he needs closure regarding the reasons behind the distance between them. Apparently although they were texting for a while, all communication has now ceased.

4. She expresses shock at how the world has reacted to her dad’s heart condition

Samantha explains that the hospital was protecting her dad’s identity according to the United States’ Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA). The hospital wasn’t allowed to give away details about his illness as it would be an invasion of the 74-year-old’s privacy.

5. She says Thomas Markle made Meghan who she is today

“He’s an incredible man. He’s been there her entire life, that’s why it’s Important for them to reunite and build bridges in the family.”

She goes on to say that she does, to an extent, regret saying it would be the former Suits star’s fault if her dad dies. She adds that nobody in the family could live with his passing as an unhappy man without closure being found.

6. She claims rumours about her and the Duchess of Sussex not seeing eye-to-eye are grossly untrue

Samantha claims she and Meghan have always gotten along and last spoke in 2015. She then says the reason they’ve not been in touch for so long is Meghan’s busy schedule and career.

Sources: Daily Mail, EXPRESS, Cosmopolitan

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