The queen has decided to intervene in Meghan and Kate’s rumoured drama

2018-12-05 09:51

London - Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, might not be a professional actress any more – but it seems she’s still involved in a bit of drama, with rumours afoot of a rift between her and her sister-in-law.

It now appears the queen herself has decided to intervene.

There’ve been recent rumours that 34-year-old Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan (37), and Kate (36), wife of Prince William (36), aren’t getting along.

But the princes’ grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, is reportedly determined to have a peaceful, harmonious family Christmas.

The 92-year-old monarch has confirmed that both couples – the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will be spending Christmas with her in Norfolk, England.

This comes after Kate and William had initially planned on spending the festive season at Kate’s family home in Berkshire, while Meghan and Harry would’ve been at Sandringham during that time.

Sources say though Meghan and Kate indeed aren’t overly fond of each other, there was never a giant rift as has been rumoured, Daily Mail reports.

It seems as if Meghan is the prickly one. Her personal assistant Melissa Toubati (39) resigned after just six months in the job. Apparently Meghan had driven her to tears on numerous occasions.

“Her job was highly pressurised and in the end it became too much,” a source told the Mirror. “She put up with quite a lot. Meghan put a lot of demands on her and it ended up with her in tears.”

It was previously reported that Meghan doesn’t treat palace staff particularly well. She’s apparently notorious for sending staff emails at 5am with requests.

“She’s [a] woman who’s lived life into her 30s in her way. She’s been a relatively successful actress, has her own humanitarian interests and her own circle of friends,” a source close to Meghan told Daily Mail.

Meghan made it into the British press over the weekend because she’d allegedly told Harry that St George’s Chapel, where they were married, smelled mouldy and she’d suggested spraying air freshener. But chapel personnel refused.

Sounds like it might just be an awkward family Christmas for the British royals.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror

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