This British man makes double his salary as Prince Harry doppelganger

2018-10-19 13:31
Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry

Cape Town - His resemblance to the ginger blue blood is uncanny – and people all around the world agree!

Harry Poulson from Cornwall, UK, frequently surprises people with his striking likeness to the 34-year-old prince and is regularly asked to take selfies with them.

“I just decided to grow the beard one day to save the effort to be clean shaven. That's what really brought the similarities together and when people started commenting on our resemblance,” he said.

“Most people ask me if I've ever been told I look like him, if I've ever met him, and if they can have a photo.

“The most common question is about whether Harry is my actual name,” the young man laughed.

“I've had people come up to me and they either do a massive double take or genuinely ask if I'm him, in which case I usually try to put on a little show for them as a laugh.

“If they see through it, they normally ask for a selfie just as a laugh.”

Harry Poulson

His beard and ginger hair seem identical to Prince Harry’s, but the 21-year-old wasn’t aware the likeness until he saw a picture of himself standing in a field wearing combat jacket next to his dog.

“My earnings have nearly doubled since I've started doing this work. I'm working flat out these last few weeks as a lookalike. Before it was steadier, maybe just a job a week or every other week.

“I first got signed to an agency just after that Christmas and got my first job in March 2018.

“I earn enough to do it as a living. Even if it was just a few jobs here and there, it can fund my own adventures in life.

“I'm quite happy with it. Out of anybody I could look like, Harry is a good one because pretty much everyone loves him, and he's just laid-back in life,” he said.

Previously working as a carpenter, Harry has also been asked by strangers if he’s considered working for the royal family as the prince’s double.

Harry Poulson

Before Harry and Meghan tied the knot people would congratulate him on his engagement, he says.

“I think he’s a remarkable man. He’s so down to earth with the common people and all the work he does for charities in Africa and former service men is inspiring.

“He has certainly got a very good handle on life and is taking up where his mother left off. I'd obviously be quite biased by saying he's my favourite royal, but I feel if I ever had the chance to meet him we'd have more to talk about.

“He comes across as one of the more laid-back and down-to-earth royals, not that his family isn't but he's always been the cheeky one, which just adds to his personality,” he said.


Harry says he’s a fan of the union between the prince and his American wife.

“Obviously, there’s a long history between the two countries and it’s nice to see that everyone on both sides of the pond is so on board and excited about it, although I think the Americans seem far more enthusiastic about it.”

Source: Magazine Features


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