This is how much a ring like Meghan Markle’s will cost you

2018-04-20 18:57

Cape Town - The jewel on Meghan Markle’s finger nearly out-sparkles the actress’ smitten smile.

And why wouldn’t it, considering experts have labelled the eye-catching ring “priceless”?

“There’s no way for anyone to put a value on the whole ring,” says Michael Fried, the CEO of Diamond Pro, a company that assists in finding quality and affordable diamonds. “Having diamonds form the royal collection that Princess Diana wore makes the ring priceless.”

Due to its monetary worth and sentimental value, jewellers have been having a tough time recreating the incalculable sparkler.

The centre stone of the ring is from Botswana, writes TIME, the country where Prince Harry travelled extensively while growing up. The couple also celebrated Meghan’s 36th birthday there.

The ring was created by Queen Elizabeth II’s preferred jeweller, Cleave and Company, adds Town and Country Magazine. It features two diamonds on the band surrounding the centre – one came from the late Princess Diana’s personal jewellery collection.

Amanda Winters from Blue Nile, one of the largest online diamond retailers, estimates the ring could cost between $300k (R3.6m) and $350k (R4.2m) if perfect diamonds were used. Mid-range diamonds would be a lesser but still jaw-dropping $35k (R420k) to $40k (R480k).

But one of South Africa’s leading jewellery outlets is selling what they’ve dubbed the 'Meghan Ring'.

The Markle ring comprising 18-carat yellow and white gold with a 3-carat cushion-cut and two 0.5-carat round Supernova Moissanite stones.

Only three of the 'Meghan Rings' are available in South Africa but it will set you back a cool R59 999 – considerably less than what experts have estimated but still no easy buy.

The last of the eligible royal bachelors may be off the market but with the introduction of the 'Meghan Ring', there’s no reason for you not to feel like a princess!

Sources: American Swiss, TIME, Town and Country Magazine

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