Walking the dogs, beefed up security, and their next big public appearance - Here's everything we know about Harry and Meghan's new life

2020-02-07 12:43
Meghan Markle, Prince Harry

Cape Town – The duke and duchess sent their "very best" to their "Kiwi followers" on Waitangi Day on Instagram on Thursday – but they didn't quite receive the response they probably hoped they would with that warm message.

"What newsworthy thing have either of you done recently? Will you simply just repost past achievements?"

"Stop posting about your old life. If you wanted to leave, leave."

"No more royal."

"No one cares."

Harry and Meghan decided to step down as senior members of the royal family and made their exit from the royal firm in January. The much mulled over decision came after months – years – of scrutiny, which seems to have only gotten worse.

Prince Harry

(HARRY MADE THE BEST DECISION FOR HIS FAMILY: "There were so many months of talks after so many years of challenges. I know I haven’t always gotten it right, but as far as this goes there really wasn’t any other option. What I want to make clear is we’re not walking away, and we certainly aren’t walking away from you." Photo: Getty Images)


Harry and Meghan are beefing up their security.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who are currently staying in a $14 million mansion off the Pacific Coast on Vancouver Island, according to People, have added a security camera along the beach and a tarp obscuring parts of the property, reports TMZ, who managed to get photos of the property.

According to the publication, a fence guarding the home and "No Tresspassing" signs were already up around the property.

It comes as no surprise that Harry and Meghan would want to up their security. Since announcing they'd be stepping down as senior members of the royal family and making the move to Canada, things have gotten worse for the royals who were already in a battle with the press. Just recently they issued a warning after paparazzi hid in the bushes around their home, and later published photos of Meghan and Archie in Canadian newspapers and on websites.

That being said, a source has revealed that, despite the press' relentless campaign against the couple, they are "enjoying living a quiet life" in Canada – at least for the time being.


"They go for long walks, they do yoga, and Meghan cooks. They are real homebodies who love to chill out with Archie and the dogs," an insider has shared.

"This decision [to leave] had been weighing on them for a long time, and they are relieved to have it done. A weight has been lifted off their shoulders," they shared, shortly after Prince Harry's close friend, polo player, Nacho Figueras, broke his silence.

The Duke of Sussex "has suffered a lot", he said. Talking about the decision Harry's made – and one the pro athlete says makes his "a man his mother would be proud of" – he continued, "He's being a father. This is a guy who is trying to protect his cub and his lioness from whatever it takes.

"He wants to live a normal life, as normal as his life is going to be, right, because when you have 1000 paparazzis outside your house in Canada waiting to get one picture of your son, that's not very, very normal."

South Africa - Cape Town - 25 September 2019 - Arc

(ARCHIE MEETS THE ARCH: The royals visit Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Cape Town, South Africa, in 2019. Photo: Getty Images)


Harry and Meghan haven't made any public appearances, apart from a very exclusive JPMorgan event in Miami on Thursday, since the queen announced her decision that the couple would lose their royal funds and HRH titles. They may have been posting on Instagram from the comfort of their home, but they've intentionally been keeping a low profile.

Harry carried out a few royal engagements before returning to Canada but, for the most part, their Instagram account, which is what they use to communicate with the public, has pretty much been reposts and throwbacks, I'll give you that.

About THAT post though, with all the negative comments recently, eagle-eyed, loyal royal followers, did point out that Harry and Meghan made special mention of the Commonwealth.

"As a commonwealth country and a realm, today we honour the spirit and diversity of New Zealand, and we feel particularly reminded of the special time we had there during our tour in 2018," they said.

Could their mention be a nod to their continuing connection to the queen and royal family? Well, probably. "Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved members of my family," the queen did say in her statement, officially announcing the Sussex split as it pertains, only, to their working roles.

So while the couple now have the go-ahead to become financially independent, with Meghan's voice-over deal with Disney already revealed and Harry's Apple TV show with Oprah on mental health already in the works, we could still see Harry and Meghan with the royal family very soon.

Princess Beatrice's wedding is rumoured to be confirmed for May – right around the time the new model for the Sussex's will come into effect – but even sooner is none other than the annual Commonwealth Day service on 9 March.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

(SMILING: Harry and Meghan while in New Zealand in 2018. Photo: Getty Images)

We can speculate all we want, but only Harry and Meghan really know what's next for them as they form their new team while huddled up in Canada. But my guess is we'll see them doing big things very soon.

There were a few positive comments on their Thursday post too. The many fan accounts for Harry and Meghan is a testament in itself to the royal followers rooting for them.

One account wrote, "We miss you." Another said, "Come back soon..."

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