Simon dumps American Idol: Who should be the new Mr Nasty?

2010-01-12 14:16

The original Mr Nasty is quitting American Idol after the current (9th) season, which starts in the US this week.

For the fans, this season will also air in the same week on M-Net on Sundays at 15h00, starting 17 January.

Cowell, who owes almost his entire career to dashing the hopes of aspiring singers on American Idol, has decided to focus on his brainchild, The X Factor. He launched the UK version a couple of years ago and ended up with Leona Lewis as his most successful winner. Not bad. Now he will be scraping even more off the bottom of America's talent barrel with the US X Factor, serving as executive producer and judge.

Does America really need another talent show? Gah.

The bigger issue here is that American Idol is now seriously lacking in credible judges. We're left with comedienne Ellen Degeneres who replaced Paula Abdul, music producer Randy Jackson and songwriter and producer Kara DioGuardi. Recognise these names much? Didn't think so. Besides, it was always Simon's opinion that really mattered.

So in anticipation for the next season, we've rounded up some possible replacements for Judge Simon.

Ozzie Osbourne
With a successful music career, reality TV experience and a wife who's a judge on a similar reality show, Ozzie is well equipped to handle the madness on American Idol. Plus, his often incoherent speech will be welcomed by those who miss Paula.

Piers Morgan
Brits did reality talent shows first, and they did it best. Piers is currently a judge on Britain's Got Talent and his eloquence and fine ear for the business will provide some much-needed substance amongst the other vocabulary-challenged judges. Kara, we're looking at you.

Russell Brand
This British funnyman is a favourite on American TV, having hosted the MTV VMAs twice. He's quirky, offensive and brash. Just the kind of thing a show like AI needs. Although he doesn't have much of a musical background, his fiancée is singer Katy Perry. That's got to count for something, right?

Randall Abrahams
What we'll miss most about Simon is his nastiness. Randall is well versed in snotty comments from his stints on SA Idols, so he'll serve as a worthy replacement on that front.

Mike Tyson
Mike likes the music. And if you irritate him or sing like crap, he'll punch you or bite your ear. That's going to be very helpful in speeding up the usually painful audition process.

Who do you think would serve as a worthy replacement? Or will AI fizzle out after Simon leaves? 

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