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Chloë Grace Moretz's alleged stalker is facing new charges for trespassing

2019-07-17 08:56

Justin Alexander Behr was arrested twice in 24 hours for allegedly breaking into Chloë Grace Moretz’s home, but managed to avoid being charged with felony stalking. Read More »


Are Timon and Pumbaa from 'The Lion King' gay?

2019-07-16 10:29

Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen say they can’t confirm if their characters in 'The Lion King' are gay or not, but they do feel we need more LGBTQ representation on screen.  Read More »


Channing Tatum suspects an app on his phone might have been listening in on his therapy sessions

2019-07-15 15:16

Channing Tatum has a sneaky suspicion his phone is spying on him!  Read More »

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