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2009-11-06 17:25

German-born former model Diane Kruger is one of Hollywood’s golden girls: she’s dating Joshua Jackson (Fringe’s Peter Bishop), and is now starring in Inglourious Basterds, the latest film by Pulp Fiction director Quentin Tarantino. Basterds, which stars Brad Pitt, is a "revisionist" version of World War 2 – Tarantino throws out the history book and presents in its place a boy’s fantasy of heroic Nazi-bashing.

Brad leads a team of soldiers, the "Basterds", who are on a quest to brutally kill and scalp (not for sensitive viewers) as many Nazis as possible. They hook up with Diane’s character, Bridget von Hammersmark, an actress who fits Hitler’s blue-eyed, blond haired ideal, but is actually a spy – and who gets plenty of opportunity to steal the show from the boys! tvplus sat down with Diane for a spy’s-eye look at the film - and her life.

This is your second time working with Brad Pitt– you also did Troy together.
I was so green on Troy, so overwhelmed with what was happening. Five years have passed, and there was no place for being star-struck or nervous. Brad was also one of us - he’d hang out on set with a six-pack.

Why is everyone so excited about this project?
Quentin Tarantino gives you dialogue you have to think about, and it’s smart and challenging. He’s so excited to be there, and happy to see his creation and characters come to life. You just want to be there and be part of it. He instills great confidence in actors, and it’s impossible to fail when someone has faith in you.

You wear amazing clothes in this film. Did you have any say in your wardrobe?
No. It takes a long time to get the hair and make-up ready in the morning. It’s flattering, and I felt very much like a woman. My favourite item was the high-heeled cast they made for my foot (her character ends up with her leg in a cast, and a special high-heeled cast is made because she refuses to wear flats!). But one of the most fun parts was ripping these great clothes to pieces – being one of the boys, getting dirty.

Do you consider yourself one of the boys?
I grew up with a brother, running around in the country, so my upbringing was very nature-oriented – gardening and doing stuff with your hands. I’m not dainty.

Your grandparents were farmers. Do you enjoy outdoor activities?
I love my grandparents. They are my favourite people. I don’t trust horses, though. I fell off so many times as a kid, that I’m like, "Get away from me."

Your accent has really changed.
That’s where my salary goes (laughs).

Where do you live?
My better half, Josh, lives in Vancouver, because he’s in (sci-fi TV show) Fringe, so I’m there as much as I can be, but also here in LA and Paris.

You did ballet as a child, before sustaining an injury. How has it affected your life?
I don’t do ballet any more, but there’s a discipline to dancing that I use. For instance, before you go on stage and are so nervous, there’s an exercise where you get centred by touching different parts of your body, like your nose. It sounds silly, but it helps you centre.

How brave are you in life?
I’d like to believe I would risk my life for a big cause, but it’s a difficult question to answer. I’ve never been treated so unfairly that I feel like I’d rather die than continue to live like that.

When your co-star strangles you in the movie, were you concerned he might go too far?
Actually, it’s Quentin who’s strangling me! It’s so sweet, because he was actually less strong than the actor who should’ve done that scene, but I didn’t have the heart to tell him.

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