Venus in Fur trailer

An actress attempts to convince a director how she's perfect for a role in his upcoming production.  Read More »


Mr Pip trailer

2014-07-24 13:00

As a war rages on in the province of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea, a young girl becomes transfixed by the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations, which is being read at school by the only white man in the village. Read More »

What if Keanu Reeves never played Neo?

2013-09-20 08:12

13 actors that turned down iconic movies roles and later regretted it.  Read More »


Scariest movie scenes

2013-09-13 09:48

For as long as we’ve had cinema, we’ve had those demented movie makers who bring our nightmares to life. (WARNING: Not for the faint-hearted) Read More »

Four quick questions to Ashton Kutcher

2013-08-27 07:43

During a short Skype interview Aston Kutcher answers four questions about his new Steve Jobs movie. Read More »


FaceMashups - Funny or creepy?

2013-07-30 14:45

FaceMashups on YouTube merges the faces of famous celebrities while they are doing video interviews, which creates some hilarious but somewhat unnerving celebrity spawn. Read More »

Crazy movie stunts - only for the brave

2013-07-30 11:00

These days the art of a movie stunt is diminished with the extensive use of green screen and CGI, but there are still those mad, crazy stunts that actually had a level of danger - even death. Read More »


7 Reasons why Wolverine is awesome

2013-07-19 08:06

Wolverine is probably the most bad-ass X-Men there is. Who can argue with someone who has a metal skeleton, rapid healing and pointy blades that come out of his knuckles? Read More »

Bleak alternate endings

2013-07-18 16:20

What is the bleakest alternate ending you could think of to your favourite movie? Read More »


Celebs' very first movie roles

2013-07-03 15:26

Every movie celeb had to start somewhere. And this involves those taking your first step into a feature movie role, no matter how big or small. Read More »

Would you pay R500 to see a movie?

2013-06-27 08:47

What would make you pay $50 (R500) to see a movie?  Read More »


5 of the geekiest monsters ever

2013-06-20 12:37

Monsters are suppose to be scary - but not this lot.  Read More »

John Cleese on Spud, comedy and SA wine

2013-06-13 10:13

At 73, John Cleese shows no signs of slowing down! Not only is Spud 2: The Madness Continues, about to hit our screens, but the British icon is returning to our shores for his second comedy show after his incredibly successful Alimony Tour in 2011.  Read More »

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