Behind the scenes feature: The Dark Knight Rises

2012-07-10 10:04
In just two weeks South African audiences will finally be able to get their first look at the feverishly anticipated Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises, the final in a trilogy that started with Batman Begins in 2005 and then The Dark Knight Rises in 2008.

And here we present the perfect appetite-whetter - a maginificent 13-minute featurette that goes to the heart of The Dark Knight Rises and gives audiences all the background material they need to prepare themselves for the thrilling final ride.

Starring Christian Bale as the titular Caped Crusader and industrialist Bruce Wayne, Christopher Nolan's Batman is the tortured guardian of Gotham City who has been lovingly cared for by his butler Alfred (plated by Michael Caine).

The Dark Knight Rises picks up with Bruce nearly 8 years after the tragic events of The Dark Knight. When his city is again in need of a saviour, Batman re-emerges from hiding to do battle with a new terrorist threat: A masked villian named Bane (played by Tom Hardy).

New allies come to the fore to help Batman fight against Bane, whom Bale has said is the first villain he's ever encountered who is physically superior to him. "When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die," Bane tells a prone Batman in a chilling scene from the movie.

Catch a glimpse of new characters Anne Hathaway stars as Selina Kyle/Catwoman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Gotham police officer John Blake, Marion Cotillard as Wayne Industries executive Miranda Tate as well as the return of Gary Oldman as Commissioner Jim Gordon and Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox.

The Dark Knight Rises opens in South Africa on 27 July - and in the US a week earlier on 20 July.

There are LOTS of fantastic moments in this lengthy feature so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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  • ariya.sonam - 2012-07-10 13:22

    Cannot wait!!

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