Cameron Diaz's Sexiest Roles

2012-08-30 09:00
We first got to know Cameron Diaz at the tender age of 21 in The Mask.

Now at 40, she's got a long filmography under her belt as well as a killer body.

One thing that hasn't changed over the years is how sexy she is on screen. To celebrate, we revisit some of her sexiest movie roles throughout her career.

The Mask (1994) - Tina Carlyle
At 21, model Cameron auditioned for the role of the sexy lounge singer without having any previous acting experience. The producers made a good call though - the film was a box office hit and it launched her career.

My Best Friend's Wedding (1997) - Kimberly Wallace
As the loveable but ditzy bride-to-be, Cameron stakes her claim as a memorable Hollywood blonde in Julia Roberts' movie - which is no easy feat.

There's Something About Mary (1998) - Mary Jensen
That hair scene. Not much else needs to be said about this movie. Cameron plays a beautiful blonde who mesmerises everyone she meets for no apparent reason.

Charlie's Angels (2000) - Natalie Cook
Hot chicks kicking ass is always sexy, so this one's a no-brainer. Again, Cameron takes on a ditzy role as romantically-challenged Natalie. She does know how to shake what her mama gave her, though. Check out the iconic Soul Train scene.

Bad Teacher (2011) - Elizabeth Halsey
Finally Cameron shakes that need to be the adorable ditz and plays a true and proper bitch. With fierce Louboutins and cunning ways Elizabeth uses more than her feminine wiles to get exactly what she wants.

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