Mark Zuckerberg meets Jesse Eisenberg on SNL

2011-01-31 09:31
Shaheema Barodien
It had all the ingredients for serious awkwardness, and it was, but the effect of seeing Mark Zuckerberg make a cameo appearance during his "nemesis" Jesse Eisenberg's Saturday Night Live opening monologue was nothing short of riveting.

Making rapid-fire and quirky assertions about how "cocky" he is, Oscar nominee Eisenberg played up his Social Network persona and was first joined by SNL cast member Andy Samberg in a hooded top and wig as Zuckerberg, calling out Eisenberg for "misrepresenting" people and getting all the glory for his hard work.

Then the real Zuckerberg popped up backstage (surprise!) insisting, very hokily it must be said, that he should be up onstage since he "invented poking". When he finally did make his way to the stage, interrupting Eisenberg and Samberg's mock tiff to come face to face with the man who portrayed him onscreen, it was safe to assume the two would be uneasy with each other.

Let's keep in mind that The Social Network was not exactly flattering in its portrayal of Zuckerberg and the road he took to achieve internet dominance.

As Samberg noted, it was "Awk-berg!"

Watch the momentous Zuckerberg-Eisenberg-Samberg encounter: