Readers share their favourite documentaries

2012-06-29 12:07
"In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director."
-Alfred Hitchcock

Channel24 readers share their views on their favourite documtary films, in our Encounters South African International Documentary Festival ticket giveaway.

Here are the best entries we received:

Saving Rhino Phila - This is basically a story which makes every individual to paly a role in conserving our nature so that the future generations will also have the opportunity to also view at these great animals.
Koena Skosana , Johannesburg

Dear Mandela - This is my favourite documentary as it captures the true essence of sacrifice and suffering which many people have to go through to reach the top. It shows the South African heritage and background and is a truly amazing documentary.
Teneale Williams, Cape Town

House of Cards - An excellent report on the defining story of our time. CNBC correspondent David Faber investigates the origins of the global economic crisis, with first person accounts from home buyers, mortgage brokers, investment bankers and investors – most of whom let greed blind them, leading to the greatest financial collapse since the Great Depression.
Monique Lombard, Cape Town

Saving Face - The story of Pakistani women who's faces are disfigured by their husbands is truly a frightening story of women trying to lead their own lives in a society where free will is still not every woman's right. Three women get the chance to tell their stories.
Ralf Kuhn, Cape Town

Zeitgeist - This is a real eye opener and questions what is really going on in the world with our leaders and their real motives.
Nic Williams, Johannesburg

Bowling for Columbine - Unpredictable, entertaining & informative.
Linda Hibbard, Cape Town
Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony
- This stunning documentary on South African struggle music, with interviews from Miriam Makeba, Thandi Modise and Hugh Masekela, was one of the reasons I moved to this country eight years ago... even today it still moves me!
Anya Klaasen, Cape Town

Amandla! A Revolution in Four Part Harmony - by far is my favourite. This is an incredible infusion of music and history.  Documentaries that bring tears and a smile to my face simultaneously go down in my books as a timeless piece of art.
Vanessa Rapitsi, Johannesburg

Robert Mugabe... What Happened? - Immediately called my parents to say goodbye as I was going to launch a continent-wide revolution where I would single-handedly save Africa from the last standing dictators. I didn't. But I started an organisation that seeks to make a difference. It truly inspired me to action.
Matedieng Mamabolo, Johannesburg

Through the Wormhole - Firstly the voice of one of the best storytellers - Morgan Freeman. It just captivates you, secondly I love science documentaries, the fact that this is in HD. Even if you are not a science person, you will want to watch it.
Jason De Klerk, Cape Town

Spellbound - A spelling bee documentary may seem boring, but it's very well made. It has all the motion and suspense of a blockbuster.
Patricia Pieterse, Johannesburg

African Cats - Samuel L. Jackson was an excellent narrator and the documentary in the form of a story really appealed to me, and even won the heart of my 4 year old. Very educational and beautiful.
Kashmiri Beesham, Cape Town