Rob van Vuuren and Siv Ngesi get silly in Copposites

2012-10-18 10:42
Shaheema Barodien
A crook. A cop. A body swap.

Copposites, the new comedy from British-born Oliver Rodger, the director who brought us I Now Pronounce You Black and White, is set to get South Africans laughing at themselves again.

Race relations in a post-apartheid South Africa is at issue again as a frustrated Afrikaner cop, Jan Venter (Rob van Vuuren), finds himself trapped in the body of a black crook trying to go straight, Sharky Majola (played by Siv Ngesi) when they are both caught up in a lab experiment gone wrong.

Infectious chemistry

Poor Sharky also finds he's not quite himself - because he's in Venter's body!

This identity crisis could not come at the worst time for either of them. Venter's been suspended for behaving badly when he sees his ex-wife (played by Casey B Dolan) with her conceited new boyfriend, and Sharky has a mobster on his back, a baby on the way and future in-laws to impress.

This madcap adventure will have you rolling in the aisles, and that's all due to the infectious, magical chemistry between the two leads who came to know each other very intimately during the making of the movie.

We sat down with the hilariously energetic duo in Cape Town and got to the bottom of their new buddy movie, growing moustaches, and test their science trivia knowledge.

See how well they do in our exclusive interview right here.

Copposites will be released in South African cinemas by Nu Metro on Friday 19 October. It can't be missed!