Twilight is done - now what?!

2012-11-15 09:40
With the final (ever) instalment of the Twilight Saga being released worldwide on Friday 16 November, many Twi-hards might find themselves asking: What do I have to look forward to now?! Is my life over? Can I EVER go to the movies again?!

Relax. Robsten are back together so surely all is right with the world and the Mayans were wrong...

And there is still plenty to look forward to in a post-Twilight-lyptic world.

For example:

1. The end of Kristen Stewart's pained facial expressions.

2. No more jokes about sparkling vampires!

3. The release of The Host, the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer's Sci-fi romance novel. Look out for it in April 2013.

4. Endless Twilight reruns.

5. Robert Pattinson can focus on his music career.

6. Peter Facinelli can stop pretending to be blonde.

7. The return of tanned, non-sparkling movie stars. Snooki may be at the other end of the spectrum, but you get where we're going with this.

What are you looking forward to now that the Twilight Saga will be signing off? Let us know and you could be published.

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