'Cook Off': The Zimbabwean film that defied all the odds

2020-06-01 07:00

"Seeing myself on Netflix, I have to pinch myself every day. Like, is that really me?" asked actress Tendaiishe Chitima, star of the first Zimbabwean feature film.  Read More »

Award-winning drama 'Poppie Nongena' coming to DStv BoxOffice

2020-05-29 07:19

The movie, 'Poppie Nongena' based on the award-winning novel by Elsa Joubert will be available on DStv BoxOffice in June.  Read More »


One of the best horrors of 2018 is now on Netflix

2020-05-28 06:01

Be prepared to have your nerves pulverised in one of the best horrors of the year, that not only leaves you clutching your heart but is also a lesson on parenting in tough situations. Read More »


This Netflix biopic doesn't do justice to the extraordinary humanitarian it is based on

2020-05-23 20:00

Nice looking and made with the best of intentions, 'Sergio' is nonetheless an empty and frustrating biopic about an extraordinary humanitarian that is undermined at every turn by one baffling creative decision after another.  Read More »

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