18 local short films you can watch quick-quick

2018-11-23 14:41
Cowboy Dan

Cape Town - Whether you need a quick dose of humour or are looking for an intense thriller that you can stream in your lunchbreak, these short films are there for you. 

The Silwerskerm 2018 Collection recently launched on Showmax, containing films of all genres, including a very funny mockumentary and a Black Mirror-style dystopian drama.


1. Baai Baai Josef K

When a runner puts on the wrong fitness watch, he falls victim to an evil technology that tortures him to do things. It's a race against the clock: can he find a way out before the attacker destroys him? 

2. Die Leeftyd van 'n Orgidee

After losing his wife to illness, the only thing a man in mourning has left is to try and tend to her beautiful orchids. A sad but sweet look at loss, grief, remembrance and moving on. 

3. Grys

After a woman dies, her son and husband struggle to connect as they cope with their loss. Their grief seems to push them into conflict, but their shared tragedy sparks the beginning of a new friendship in this stirring, heart-wrenching short film. 

4. Haatklop

A woman wakes up bloodied, beaten and wrapped in plastic. She has no idea what happened to her, but as her memories begin to return, she starts putting the pieces together in this mysterious crime thriller. 

5. Tuiskoms

A homeless girl is approached by a stranger, who tells her he can take her to her mother - but there’s a price to pay. How much would you be willing to give for something that might not even exist? This short film dares to ask... 

6. Kloof

Two childhood friends reunite at a hostel, but one's a senior, one a first year, and they hide it from the others. Their deception reaches its breaking point during an initiation ceremony in this incredible and intense story. 

7. Nama Swaan

Fantasy meets reality in this mesmerising tale about an ambitious student who wants to study, but his possessive grandmother won't sign his bursary application. When she challenges him to prove her ostrich can fly, he takes it on. 

8. Non(Kompos)mentis

Karla's moments of serenity happen when she works in her garden. Then a life-changing event takes place there and she enlists the help of her brother, a private detective, to solve a strange mystery. 

9. Buiteperd

He's a struggling actor who relies a bit too much on luck instead of hard work. But when his father suddenly dies, he has to dig a little deeper if he hopes to get somewhere in this sweet comedy drama. 

10. 'n Kombi, Kameelperd en 'n Camcorder

Survive the road trip from hell in this hilarious short movie. As a group of people travel to a wedding, their quirky personalities and terrible habits might drive them over the edge before they make it to their destination. 

11. Kromkieriefontein

Don't miss this uniquely animated local short story about the town of Kromkieriefontein, where everyone seems a little curved and crooked - except for one teacher. So his pupils set out to find out why. 

12. Nag Van Die Ondier

A group of settlers take shelter for the night. But they are soon under attack from an unseen monster, stalking them in the dark... This terrifying and incredibly made short film will keep you at the edge of your seat. 

13. Fluit Fluit

This hilarious mockumentary follows a popular religious entertainer as she prepares for her biggest show yet! With laughter and many sweet and touching moments, her zany energy sweeps up everything in her path.

14. Die Invloed

Two lovers are drawn together, even though they are very different. But a jealous mother and a family tragedy threatens to keep them separated, setting off a chain of events that could lead to tragedy in this powerful drama. 

15. Die Ongenooides

You won’t t be able to look away in this intense, slow-burn thriller about a remote house, a handful of survivors and a strange menace that starts to hunt them. This remarkable film will keep you guessing.

16. Benjamin

It’s been years since rain fell in this post-apocalyptic world and everything has changed. When a census worker arrives at a distant desert town, she uncovers a very strange and dangerous place fighting to survive... 

17. Cowboy Dan

Dan may look like a car guard, but in his view he's a cowboy out to help anyone who needs it. Is he delusional? Maybe, but it's amazing how much his self-confidence helps him win the day.

18. Uitstappie

A good walk is the perfect way to clear your head. But Magda doesn't feel like an outing. However, Magda did not bargain on a tug of war with a young, steadfast woman who won't leave the house without Magda. A riveting portrayal of a woman battling Alzheimer's, played by one of South Africa's most beloved actresses, Annelisa Weiland (7de Laan's Hilda).

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