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4 new Afrikaans films coming soon

2016-10-19 07:00

Cape Town – Local is lekker on the big screen.

There's a fresh slate of Afrikaans films scheduled to be released on the cinema circuit. Romcoms, drama, comedy and a murder mystery – there's something for everyone to see.

Here are 4 flicks to diarise

1. Snaaks Genoeg

What it's about: This dark comedy stars comedians Casper De Vries, Tobie Cronje, Jason Goliath and Barry Hilton. It follows a down-and-out comedian who drifts from one small town to another, while real big name comics are being murdered in bizarre ways.

Release date: 28 October

Watch the trailer here:

2. Eintlik Nogal Baie

What it's about: Jay van Niekerk is a young, attractive and career driven comic book illustrator. Although he is advancing in almost every aspect of his personal and professional life, his one true desire seems to be the one furthest from reach. This has brought him to a crossroad in his life. Does he give up and keep fully focused on his career or does he finally open his heart and set out to meet the woman of his dreams?

Release date: 4 November

Watch the trailer here: 

3. Jou Romeo

What it's about: In this teen romantic comedy two drama students, Yvette and Tyler enlist the popular guy in school, Marko Marais to play the role of Romeo in the school play. But the cool kids frown when Marko trades his cricket bat for some tights. Marko finds himself in a duel when he realises that Yvette is more than just a drama nerd, whilst she also realises Marko is more than a so-called jock, muscles and a nice smile. As rumours of their apparent romance start to surface, Marko has to step up, realise his dream and maintain his reputation. 

Release date: 23 December

Watch the trailer here:

4. Hoener met die rooi skoene

What it's about: A thriller-comedy from renowned director and producer, Koos Roets. Bonnie van der Byl (Lizz Meiring), a receptionist at an internationally renowned De Waal Theatrical Agency, discovers the body of her boss, while working late one evening. She calls the police and Constable Mickey Mentz is assigned to the case, and finds himself thrown in a web of secrets and lies. In competition with the Constable to solve the murders, the self-appointed detective Bonnie must use the evidence from the cellphone, keys and a bloody note to try and resolve the cases.

Release date: 27 January 2017

(Photo: Eunice Visser)  

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