5 awesome photos from the new Noah movie

2014-03-13 11:43
Los Angeles – The story of Noah has hit the big screen. The apocalypse, a flood and a huge boat all make for a great disaster movie.

Russell Crowe plays Noah, a man who believes that his visions about an apocalyptic flood are from God and so he sets out to a perform a great task to save his family and as many animals as possible before the flood destroys the world.  

But this story is nothing like the biblical version. According to director Darren Aronofsky Noah is the least biblical film ever made. In fact, the film has already received strong criticism from Christian and Muslim leaders and has been banned in three Arab countries after complaints about the depiction of the biblical figure.

The movie also stars Jennifer Connelly, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Douglas Booth and Emma Watson.

If the pictures are anything to go by this looks like a movie we cannot afford to miss.

Check out these awesome photos.

Russell Crowe as Noah

Jennifer Connelly as Naameh

Anthony Hopkins as Methuselah and Gavin Casalegno as Young Shem

Emma Watson as Ila

Logan Lerman as Ham

Watch the trailer here:

The movie will be in cinemas 28 March.

(Photos: Paramount Pictures)