5 feature films debuting at the Silwerskerm Festival

2016-08-25 14:56

Cape Town – The Silwerskerm Festival is in full swing at the Bay Hotel in Camps Bay.

The annual festival, now in its sixth year, celebrates the local film industry showcasing a selection of short films, documentaries and feature films. 

Here are five feature films making their debut

Dis Koue Kos Skat

When Clara Brand (Anna Mart Van Der Merwe) discovers that her husband, Bernard, is cheating on her with her friend and colleague, Anais, things take a turn for the worse. Caught between a collapsing marriage, a ruined friendship and being a mother to her two children, Clara moves her family from Johannesburg to Cape Town in an attempt to start afresh. Here, Clara rediscovers her passion for food, begins new friendships and re-enters the world of dating for the first time in twenty years, all the while plotting her revenge on the people who wronged her.

Watch the trailer here:

Johnny is Nie Dood Nie

Award-winning playwright and theatre producer Christiaan Olwagen makes his debut as film producer with this movie about a group of student friends in the late 1980’s during the time of the Voelvry movement, compulsory military service and the Border War. The film stars Rolanda Marais and Albert Pretorius.

Watch the trailer here:

Shepherds and Butchers

South Africa, 1987. When Leon, a white 19-year-old prison guard commits an inexplicable act of violence, killing seven black men in a hail of bullets, the outcome of the trial, and the court’s sentence seems a foregone conclusion. Hotshot lawyer John Weber reluctantly takes on the seemingly unwinnable case.

Watch the trailer here:


Based on award-winning book, Whiplash, Tess follows the story of a sassy twenty year old prostitute on the streets of Cape Town. Hooked on painkillers to dull the pain of her rather grim existence, her life is turned upside down when she falls pregnant. 

Watch the trailer here:

Sy Klink Soos Lente

Ben, a mechanic at a Johannesburg car dealership, and Linda, a beautiful, smart redhead, roads cross one night. Ben immediately recognises her as his boss's daughter, but she does not know who he is. They are immediately attracted to each other, in a frantic and uncertain effort to disguise his identity, Ben lies to Linda and says he's in a band. But when their love blossoms unexpectedly and he decides that he wants to be good enough for Linda. He starts his own band, with a few employees and they enroll for a battle-of-the-bands competition. However, it fast seems that a music career is not in every man's pants. And what will happen if Linda finds out that Ben lied to her?

Watch the trailer here:

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