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6 fun facts to know about the real Eddie Edwards before you watch Eddie The Eagle

2016-04-08 07:33

Cape Town – Eddie The Eagle is a biopic based on the life of Michael Edwards, a notoriously persistent British underdog ski jumper who charmed the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics.

This funny, feel-good film is one for everyone, but before you rush to the cinemas to see it there are a few things you need to know.

Here are 6 fun facts about the real Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards you need to know before watching the film: 

1. Record holder

Edwards was the best ski jumper in the UK and held the record for the highest jump, which was 73.5m at the time. 

2. A rough start

Edwards was self-funded when he started jumping; forcing him to wear 6 pairs of socks to make his equipment fit and train himself.

3. Fighting against the odds

Edwards was also disadvantaged by his weight, weighing 9 kg more than the next heaviest competitor as well as disadvantaged by being far sighted. Wearing thick glasses under his goggles would often mist up at altitude.

4. The Eddie “The Eagle” Rule

The International Olympic Commitee created the Eddie the Eagle Rule in 1990, which calls for Olympic hopefuls to compete in international events and be placed in the top 30 percent or the top 50 competitors to qualify for the Olympics.

5. Never give up!

Edwards tried but failed to qualify for the 1992 Winter Olympics as well as the 1994 Games and the 1998 Games, making his participation in the 1988 Winter Olympics his only qualification.

6. It's in the nickname

The nickname "Eddie The Eagle" was one of many given to Edwards by fans and broadcasters alike, referring to the saying "the eagle has landed" after Edwards landed the 90m jump at the Winter Olympics in 1988.

Watch the trailer for Eddie The Eagle here:

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