7 festive gems to stream this weekend

2018-12-21 11:50
A scene in Better Watch Out.

Cape Town - Whether your middle names are “Bah, Humbug” or “It Really IS The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!”, these holiday-themed movies on internet TV will work a treat to brighten your weekend. (Those of the “humbug” ilk should probably stop after watching the first title on this list - the rest will be too cheery for your taste!)

1. Better Watch Out (Showmax) 

“One of the characters – to avoid spoilers I won’t say which – reminded me of Brandon (John Dall), the key antagonist in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1948 classic Rope: a slick but despicable creature who believes he is morally entitled to murder people who are less intelligent than him.” - The Guardian

2. The Holiday (Showmax) 

“The director Nancy Meyers gets a kick out of romantic love, but she also grooves to its agonies, particularly those of the more prolix kind. In her neo-screwball world of dizzy dames and the heartbreakers who do and done them wrong, love is a drug, an escape, an ordeal and a ready excuse for a lot of chatter. The men and women in a Nancy Meyers film don’t just fall in love; they talk about falling in love, about falling out of love, about needing, fearing and surrendering to love.” - New York Times

3. Bad Moms Christmas (DStv Now) 

“It (arrived) in theatres a mere 15 months after the surprise hit Bad Moms, which made about $184m worldwide – a huge number for a female-driven comedy in the middle of summer blockbuster season.

And so of course there’s a second Bad Moms movie, which hits all the same beats and themes as the first Bad Moms movie, only now we have double the moms because the moms of the moms have shown up to wreak even more mom havoc.” - RogerEbert.com

4. Home Alone (DStv Now) 

“It’s easy to see how this cute high-concept comedy, from the fertile pen of John Hughes who adds kids to his cross section of mild middle-class American tribulation, became a minor phenomenon. Its oh-so simple set-up — misunderstood sprog is forgotten in the family scrum to leave for a vacation, leaving him entirely to his own devices — hits a gold seam of childhood fantasy, the wonderful collection of what-ifs of a world stripped of parental monitoring.” - Empire

5. Office Christmas Party (DStv Now) 

“... The zingiest bits involve IT supervisor Nate (Karan Soni, of Deadpool), the hooker (Abbey Lee) he hires to play his imaginary girlfriend and her female pimp, a take-charge boss if ever there was one, portrayed with venomous snap by Jillian Bell.” - Hollywood Reporter

6. Love Actually (Netflix) 

“The movie is written and directed by Richard Curtis, the same man who wrote three landmarks in recent romantic comedy: Four Weddings and a FuneralNotting Hill and Bridget Jones's Diary. His screenplay for Love Actually is bursting enough material for the next three. The movie's only flaw is also a virtue: It's jammed with characters, stories, warmth and laughs…” - RogerEbert.com

7. Last Holiday (Amazon Prime) 

“Queen Latifah, who once showed promise as a blustery, easily bribed, singin' and dancin' warden in Chicago stars in a movie you’ve basically seen before. Last Holiday is the story of a woman who finds out she’s going to die, and so does the thing that dying people in movies tend to do: Have a lot of fun.” - Cinema Blend

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