7 Years in Tibet director caught in tax haven accusations

2017-11-08 15:08

Paris - French filmmaker Jean-Jacques Annaud, the maker of Mirage fighter jets and oil giant Total SA are among high-profile French names defending themselves after leaked documents showed they used tax havens.

As part of the Paradise Papers global investigative reporting, French media reported on Wednesday that Annaud used accounts in the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong. Annaud's directing credits include The Name of the Rose and Seven Years in Tibet.

Annaud's lawyer, Eric Delloye, told Radio France that the filmmaker informed French tax authorities last month about his offshore holdings as a result of the investigation.

Dassault Aviation, maker of Mirage and Rafale fighter jets, acknowledged financial activities in the Isle of Man but insisted that it's not evading taxes. Energy company Total SA denied hiding money from tax authorities.

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