All the winners at the 2018 Cape Town International Film Festival

Schalk Bezuidenhout in the movie Kanarie.
Schalk Bezuidenhout in the movie Kanarie. (Photo supplied: Ster-Kinekor)

This year's festival once again focused a spotlight on various genres including documentary, feature and short films.   Read More »


This climate change indie sci-fi is a misfire

2018-10-21 17:00

All the honourable intentions in the world don’t stop the Titan from being a dramatically inert, boring and ultimately insultingly stupid indie sci-fi misfire.  Read More »

This remake just isn't good enough

2018-10-21 16:00

By falling between being a “good” film and a “fun” film, this remake of ‘70s true-life prison drama is never as good as its individual parts would suggest it should be.  Read More »


Amandla Stenberg shines in this coming-of-age drama

2018-10-20 20:00

The Hate U Give is the one movie everyone should see - it is a story that makes headlines everyday and will give viewers a glimpse of what people who are living this go through. Read More »


40 years later Halloween comes back with a vengeance

2018-10-20 07:00

New life is breathed into the Halloween franchise with a return to the basics that made it a classic.  Read More »


Canary – A brilliant gay Afrikaans film that sings its little heart out

2018-10-18 19:05

“I think it’s a very beautiful and important story. I hope that the film will mean something to young people who are struggling with their sexuality,” says Schalk Bezuidenhout who plays the role of Johan Niemand in Canary (Kanarie). Read More »

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