Accent makes Arnold Vosloo 'perfect villain'

2013-04-15 10:31

Johannesburg - South African-born actor Arnold Vosloo's homegrown accent has helped him flourish in Hollywood playing movie villains, reports The Sunday Times.

"He has the strong facial features and of course the accent... none of your top bad guys speak with a typical American accent," Regardt van den Bergh, a director who worked with Vosloo, told the newspaper.

Van den Berg cast Vosloo in the 1983 film Boetie Gaan Border Toe.

He said that despite his typecasting, Vosloo was actually a serious actor.

"I am sure he would love to land a role with a bit more flesh to showcase his talents."

Vosloo first made it big in The Mummy and its sequel.

He is currently on screen in GI Joe: Retaliation which has earned more than R1bn at the box office.


  • Stewart Croucamp - 2013-04-15 19:40

    I sat in a movie house once with Arnold sitting behind me criticising the advertisements. I turned around and told him that since he couldn't act, he should keep quiet. He did and still can't act.

      Boom Boom Afridi - 2013-04-16 18:18


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