Americans pick their Oscar favourites

2013-01-10 08:29
Los Angeles - If Americans citizens had their say, the presidential drama Lincoln or musical Les Miserables would win the best picture Oscar next month, while Anne Hathaway and Daniel Day-Lewis should take home the movie industry's top prizes for acting, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday.

Americans also think epic fantasy The Hobbit, slavery Western Django Unchained and shipwreck tale Life of Pi, should be front-runners for the coveted best picture statuette, according to the online survey.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will announce the names of those who will compete for Oscars later today, after a secret ballot by its 6 000 members working in the movie industry.

Leading contenders

According to awards watchers, while both Lincoln and Les Miserables are expected to be among the 5-10 official best picture contenders on Thursday. The Hobbit is considered a long-shot, despite its popularity at the worldwide box office.

Americans looked to be on the money when 27% of those questioned picked Hathaway as a likely Oscar winner for her role as the tragic heroine of Les Miserables, and 18% picked Day-Lewis for his performance as US President Abraham Lincoln.

Both actors are seen as leading contenders for Oscar glory at the Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood of 24 February.

But in other areas, the poll showed a wide divergence between popular favorites and likely contenders. Some 52% of those questioned had seen none of the 24 movies on the poll list.

Tough picks

Meryl Streep, who has a record 17 Oscar nominations and three wins, is not expected to be among this year's contenders.

But 57% of those polled thought Streep should be a top five finalist for her role as a frustrated wife in comedy Hope Springs and she came second to Hathaway as their top pick to win again in February.

Among favourite actors, Americans chose Day-Lewis (18%), Denzel Washington's alcoholic pilot in Flight (16%, Hugh Jackman's turn as convict who makes good in Les Miserables (10%) and Jamie Foxx's performance as a slave-turned-bounty-hunter in Django Unchained (7%) as their top picks for Oscar glory.

In the best picture category - the biggest prize at the Oscars - those interviewed chose Lincoln (18%), Les Miserables (13%), The Hobbit (12%), Django Unchained and Life of Pi (both scored 6%), The Dark Night Rises and Bond movie Skyfall (both 5%), as the films they would pick to win.