Bam Margera breaks down at crash site

2011-06-22 08:55
Philadelphia - Ryan Dunn's Jackass co-star Bam Margera broke down in tears before reporters at the site where his best best died in a fiery car crash.

Margera, who was in Arizona at the time of the crash, visited the crash scene on Tuesday evening and was visibly overcome with emotion, rocking back and forth in agony at the guardrail that the car crashed through, WCAU reported.

"I've never lost anybody that I cared about. It's my best friend," a weeping Margera told WPXI. "He was the happiest person ever, the smartest guy. He had so much talent, and he had so many things going for him. This is not right, not right."

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Margera stood at the guardrail that Dunn pierced with his Porsche on Monday morning with such force that the car slammed through about 12m of trees before exploding into flames.

Twitter drama

Dunn was born in Ohio and moved at age 15 to Pennsylvania, where he met Margera on his first day of high school, according to a biography posted on his website.

Glover tweeted, "I don't know what to say, except I love Ryan Dunn and I'm really going to miss him." Glover also cancelled six upcoming stand-up comedy shows in Sacramento, California, and the venue said it was issuing ticketholders refunds.

There was also criticism, most notably after movie critic Roger Ebert posted on Twitter that "friends don't let jackasses drink and drive". Margera erupted in expletives on his own Twitter page. Ebert's Facebook page was flooded with derogatory posts and briefly taken down; Facebook apologised a few hours later and said the page was "removed in error".

Ebert responded on Tuesday that he didn't mean to be cruel and was "probably too quick to tweet" after the crash.

Bam Margera First Inteview After Tragedy:


  • Snoopy88 - 2011-06-22 09:20

    Harsh but such is the reality of foolish choices... My only regret in life - if I could just go back in time and undo it... so many lives destroyed in an instant. As someone who's been there and been the cause of a loved friend dying for this reason all I can say is think before you drink or do drugs, before you drive... And if you care about your friends be an asshole about it and don't let them get in the car! Rather let people think you're a pain than the alternative!

  • Viparo - 2011-06-22 10:33

    Feel sorry for bam losing someone close to him, but it doesn't change the fact that he's a brat and a twat as well.

  • Sythe - 2011-06-22 12:42

    Sorry Bam for your loss. Maybe you and the other JackAsses (Steve O, WeeMan) will get some direction and focus in your lives before Satan takes you too... "Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy"

      Bidartbru - 2011-06-24 12:35

      Sythe, PLease go away you self-righteous miserable bucket of puke.

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