Brad Pitt values longevity in film

2012-01-04 07:23

Los Angeles - Brad Pitt wants to make movies like "fine wine".

The Moneyball actor believes it doesn't matter if a film doesn't win top awards when it is released, as the key to a good project is one that ages well and will stand the test of time.

He said: "Filmmaking is about longevity. Is it a quality picture? A quality story? Is there something original about it? The thing we miss the most is the degree of difficulty, like in The Tree Of Life.

Smart, not risky

"Just to aim for something like that - I think there's a quiet victory in the degree of difficulty there beyond what's going to be in the record books as the best picture of the year.

"Films that I've loved doing like Jesse James and The Tree of Life, they're 'fine wine' pictures - they'll age well. They've got legs."

Brad doesn't like to take risks in his career but believes he has made "smart" choices with his movie projects.

He said: "I think of, say, Cary Grant who made a career of doing similar things all the time, and I love him every time I see him, but it's not for me. My choices have been smart, not risky."


  • Marinda Naude - 2012-01-04 08:35

    News 24 copies all the Daily Mail UK headlines for their entertainment section. Type faster please, we get it two days after- idiots.

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