Brangelina reuniting for new movie

2012-04-13 22:27
Los Angeles - Brad Pitt may reunite with Angelina Jolie for new movie The Counsellor.

The Moneyball actor is in negotiations for a part in the Sir Ridley Scott-directed project, which could see him star in a movie with his partner - with whom he raises six children - for the first time since Mr & Mrs Smith, where they first met.

Rare foray

Javier Bardem is also in talks for a part in the movie.

Prometheus actor Michael Fassbender is already on board for the project, which tells the tale of a respected lawyer who "dips a toe" into the drugs business.

According to, the story is like "No Country for Old Men on steroids".

Filming is set to begin in the summer in Europe, and it would be a rare foray into the world of work for both Brad and Angelina, who rarely film movies at the same time.

Commenting on the possibility of them working together again, Brad said last year: "We're not ones to repeat ourselves, but we'd like to, because right now, we're hopscotching with films so one can be with the kids and one is free to work."