Bloody Carrie remake teaser trailer lands

2012-10-16 13:06
Cape Town - A new teaser for the remake of the classic horror film Carrie has been released, which stars Chloe Moretz in the role as the angry, super-powered teen Carrie White.

Based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, MGM's Carrie is a remake of the 1976 film, directed by Brian de Palma, which went on to reach cult status for it's shock ending and was nominated for two Academy Awards for its stars Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie.

Chloe takes over Sissy's role as a timid teen Carrie who is mercilessly bullied at school and abused at home by her mentally unstable, Christian fundamentalist mother Margaret, played by Julianne Moore (played by Piper in the original). When Carrie discovers she has telekinetic abilities she plots to use it against her bullies.

The teaser opens right at the end as a blood-drenched Carrie surveys the devastating results of her vengeance at her high school prom.

Chloe Moretz has said that the remake will still shock viewers: "The script is totally different from the [original]. It's more like the book. It's a more Black Swan version - it messes with your mind. You'll see things, and you don't know if you've seen them."

The remake is directed by Kimberly Peirce, who directed Hilary Swank to her first Oscar in Boys Don't Cry, and is set for release in the US on 15 March and South Africa two weeks later on the 29th.

Watch the Carrie teaser trailer here: