Chris Miller and Phil Lord considering third Jump Street film

2014-06-12 21:00

Los Angeles - Chris Miller and Phil Lord would consider making a third 21 Jump Street film.

The Lego Movie directors - who produced and directed the film adaptation of 21 Jump Street and its recent sequel '22 Jump Street' - have revealed that they would "never say never" to making it into a trilogy.

Quizzed on whether they'd be willing to make a third film, Miller laughed: "Let's quit while we're ahead."

Lord added: "Lets cash in our chips and move away from the craps table. I'm going to be a professor at a college somewhere. No, I don't know ... Never say never."

Miller and Lord also confessed that they had to cut a lot of less important scenes from the movie, which stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill as undercover police officers.

Miller told "The blu-ray is going to have like 45 minutes of scenes that we thought were funny but couldn't fit into the structure."

Lord added: "And there was some stuff that was story things that didn't have a lot to do with Channing or Jonah and what we learned in testing was that any time those guys were apart, all anybody wanted was to see them back together, and that dominated the movie.

"So there are some really beautiful scenes between other characters that are going to be on the DVD."

Watch the trailer here: