Daniel Craig 'unhappy' with his work

2011-12-05 22:31

London - Daniel Craig is "not satisfied" with his career.

The James Bond actor - who resumes his role as the iconic British spy in the next instalment of the franchise, Skyfall, next year - is "constantly" unhappy with his work, as he is a perpetual perfectionist.

He said: "I'm definitely not satisfied about my career. I don't know how you can be; it's the very nature of things. I'm always trying to figure it out and I'm kind of unsatisfied constantly. I always want to get it right and I don't know what the answer to it is.

No experience

"But I do know that it's out there and I do know it's worth looking for."

The 43-year-old star also admitted he finds it "extraordinary" he was cast as Bond at a time when he had done nothing similar in his career and is still unsure how he was successful in the role.

He added to Britain's GQ magazine: "What's extraordinary is that at a point in my career when I was enjoying making movies and working with wonderful directors and just getting a big kick out of it, I was given this opportunity to do something for which I had no benchmark, no experience whatsoever.

"I threw myself into it full bore and it was a success. But I'm not quite sure how."