Del Toro plots Pacific Rim franchise

2013-07-10 20:03

Los Angeles - Guillermo del Toro wants Pacific Rim to spawn a sequel and a video game.

The director envisions his new summer blockbuster - which centres on the battle between otherworldly monsters known as Kaijus and man-built robots called Jaegers - as the start of a new Hollywood franchise and is eager to expand the universe he has created in the Idris Elba-starring flick.

He said: "Really, it's about if it connects with an audience and a box office, then they would love to expand, create more comics and do a video game and then do a second film. If that doesn't happen, then I'm as proud of this movie as anything I've ever done."

'I hope families and kids watch'

The filmmaker is also positive that the action film will appeal to all audiences, ranging from adults who grew up on movies like Godzilla, to young boys who love action films, and even young girls who can relate to the strong female character played by Rinko Kikuchi.

He explained to "This is a movie I really hope families and kids watch. I really hope it. My main goal is if you have a dad and an 11-year-old or 13-year-old kid watching the movie together, the dad can identify the nostalgia feel, but the kid goes, 'Oh my God, that's the biggest monster I've ever seen!'

"We treat the female character with great respect, great care. She's not a girl in a tank top and miniskirt getting wet every five minutes. She's a really good character and a good actress."

Pacific Rim, which also stars Charlie Hunnam, Charlie Day and Ron Perlman, releases in SA cinemas on 2 August.