Dis Ek, Anna headed for international film festival

2015-10-22 13:32

Cape Town - The producers of Sara Blecher’s beautifully crafted, award-winning feature film Dis ek, Anna (It’s Me, Anna), which goes on release later this week, have announced that the film has been invited to a number of international festivals and will be taking to the festival circuit at the end of this month.

The film travels to Edinburgh, Scotland at the end of October for The Africa in Motion Festival and then in early November the producers will attend a seminar at the Royal African Society Film Festival in London where they will discuss Dis ek, Anna and then set up private screenings of the film. 

In December the film will screen in Amsterdam as part of Post-Apartheid Cinema – A South African Focus before heading to the Palm Springs International Film Festival in California.  There is also interest in the film from festivals in Sweden and Dubai. 

“We are very proud that the film has been invited to these festivals as it is a wonderful way to showcase the film internationally and also fly the flag for South African film”, says producer Niel van Deventer.  “The screening in Palm Springs is tied in to a focus on child abuse and we are very pleased to be a part of that”.

Dis ek, Anna, hailed by local critics as a stand out film, is helmed by multi-award winner Sara Blecher whose second feature film, Ayanda, was released locally earlier this month, after winning the Jury Prize at this year’s Los Angeles International Film Festival. She has been roundly praised for her deft and sensitive handling of the subject matter in Dis ek, Anna, while still delivering a powerful film that unflinchingly shows the devastating consequences of sexual abuse. 

“When Niel first approached me to direct this film, I was determined not to do it”, says Blecher.  “Like many other people in South Africa and the world over, I have someone really close to me who was also a victim of sexual abuse, so I was reluctant to take on this project.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I realised that Anchien’s story could offer help to victims of abuse and I felt duty bound to become involved with this film.  I am thrilled that we are able to take this film to an international audience via the various festivals”.

Watch the trailer here:

Dis ek, Anna opens in cinemas nationwide Friday, 23 October.

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