Hansie's brother wraps recession movie

2012-03-15 13:40
Cape Town - Frans Cronjé, the producer of films such as Faith Like Potatoes and Hansie, recently finished filming a new South African film, Baroudeur.

The film team consisted of only seven professionals in the film industry, and 15 students and volunteers.

"The story is based on actual events in the life of the film crew and a few of our friends," said Cronjé.

Black sheep brother

The central character is Francois, a hardworking husband and father who loses his job. He is forced to survive with what he has, including an old bicycle. With the help of his black sheep brother, a professional cyclist and owner of a bike shop, Francois makes a few discoveries about his life, career and faith.

Cronjé said the idea for the picture came to him a few months ago when he, Morné Theunissen and Ettienne Janse van Rensburg had coffee together.

All three friends worked together on Faith Like Potatoes, but they've since been suffering due to the recession.

"We began dreaming of making a movie without a big budget, and to rely mainly on our experience, equipment and friends. We decided to tell the story of a fictional character, based on our own experiences," said Cronjé.


The only outside financing they received for the film was R500 000 for product placement from ASG Sports Solutions, which imports bikes. The entire movie, which would've normally cost about R7m to make, was made with this money.

Cronjé and his team saved even further by filling out the cast themselves. Cronjé plays the character Francois, Theunissen is Eli Pavoncelli, an Italian bike shop owner, and Janse van Rensburg is the black sheep brother, Juan.

Other actors include Leoné Pienaar, in her debut role, Merlin Balie, Linda Alexander and cyclist Malcolm Lange, who makes a cameo appearance.

Cronjé said he and his team also recently signed a contract with a Hollywood studio for the filming of Faith Like Potatoes 2, which will be filmed in June on the evangelist Angus Buchan's farm.

For more information visit Baroudeur's official website.



  • Fred - 2012-03-15 16:45

    Faith Like Potatoes 2. A xian filum. On an evangelist farm. A Cronje'? Bet the devil will be busy doing it big time. Warning. Don;t sign up as an extra.

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