Hollywood teen star Deanna Durbin dies

2013-05-02 11:09
Los Angeles - Deanna Durbin, the teen sensation whose soprano voice and girl-next-door looks made her one of the biggest stars of Hollywood's Golden Age, has died at age 91.

Family friend Bob Koster, whose father directed six of Durbin's films, tells The Associated Press on Wednesday that she died at age 91 in a village outside Paris in April.

The Canadian-born Durbin made her first feature film Three Smart Girls at age 13 and would go on to appear in 20 more.

At the height of her career she was among the world's highest paid actresses, won an honorary Oscar, and counted Anne Frank and Winston Churchill among her fans.

She retired at just 28 and moved to France, remaining out of the public view.


  • Julie Jansen Van Rensburg - 2013-05-02 13:23

    Good GRIEF! I remember Deanna from my early days - yes, I'm old enough to also remember others like Gary Cooper, Anthony Quinn, Debbie Reynolds, in fact, those were still REAL stars from that early period, and as my friend, KG used to say: "They don't make 'em like that any more..."

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