Idris Elba hates term 'black Bond'

2013-07-11 19:03

Los Angeles - Idris Elba hates the phrase "black Bond".

The Pacific Rim actor - who has previously been linked to play big screen secret agent James Bond - would love to play 007, but admits he would struggle with being labelled a "black Bond" as previous actors have all been Caucasian.

He said: "I hate the term 'black Bond', I really hate it. It becomes all about colour. You're known as a footballer, not a striker or defender or midfielder. I'm just an actor."

The 40-year-old star says the iconic part would be an "honour", but wonders if the role would be the kiss of death for his acting career after Bond.

He added to FHM magazine: "If I was offered it, I would be honoured. Completely fucking honoured to just be asked. Even to be considered is a massive step in the right direction for me as an actor. But I think it is, for a lot of actors, the silver lined coffin. Like, where do you go after Bond?"

James Bond is currently being portrayed by Daniel Craig, who has starred in three 007 films including last year's billion-dollar grossing Skyfall.