Kristen: Twilight wedding felt real

2011-11-15 22:34
Los Angeles - Kristen Stewart's wedding in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 felt like a real ceremony.

The 21-year-old-actress attended the black carpet premiere of the penultimate film in the series in Los Angeles on Monday with her co-star and boyfriend Robert Pattinson, and admitted she imagined their wedding in the movie was the real thing.

Speaking of her character Bella Swan's ceremony with Robert's vampire alter-ego Edward Cullen, she said: "I cleared my mind, I did a pretty good job at forgetting. I didn't want to remember it for any weird, neurotic, actor-y thoughts.

"I really wanted to remember an experience that felt right for the moment. I don't know, it felt very natural. It felt like, kind of a real ceremony to me."

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Robert was also struck by the wedding scenes which made him realise exactly what a huge event it is for a girl.

He told E! News: "She looked like she was so terrified, she was so amazing and everyone was looking at her. You suddenly realise how nerve-wracking it is for women."

While Robert, 25, and Kristen talked about their marriage, co-star Taylor Lautner, 19, was on the receiving end of a proposal from one of the many fans who had lined the streets - and had even camped outside the city's Nokia Theatre for days to get a chance of meeting their idols.

When asked what his response to the sign - which read "Wife Me Taylor" - was, he said: "I signed it for her. I guess that was my answer."

The trio spent a considerable amount of time signing autographs for fans and Robert admitted he was overwhelmed by how many people had turned out for the premiere.

He told MTV: "It's like an alternate reality. My everyday life is so boring, and then you go to these things and everyone thinks something cool is happening."


  • Se-a Spencer Ikeremm - 2011-11-16 06:36

    ag, we ol no they not rili dating in real life. just wait til Twilight is finali over and ol de DVDs/BLUrays hv bn released. i tell u guys, we'll suddenly hear K-Pat has broken up and that Kristen is really a lesbian. This dating of them 2 is just to keep the movie making money even when it hasn't released a new installment yet!

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