Kristen banned from Robert's premiere

2012-08-06 11:08
Los Angeles - Kristen Stewart has reportedly been banned from attending Robert Pattinson's up and coming New York movie premiere.

Security staff have allegedly been told to keep the 22-year-old actress away from the red carpet and after party for the Cosmopolis screening on 13 August, because she may use it as an excuse to speak with her ex-boyfriend in person.

A source told website RadarOnline: "Despite the fact Robert and Kristen have been communicating by cellphone, she will not be at the Cosmopolis New York premiere.

"The decision was made because Robert just doesn't want to see her. There were fears that she could use it as a chance to talk to him in person and that sort of drama is not wanted at the premiere."

Quashed rumours

The insider continued: "There's also the fact that if she did attend, it would distract from the film premiere itself and the movie bosses are not interested in that sort of publicity.

"It's going to be Robert's first public appearance since the scandal broke - and they really want to make it less of a media circus than it already will be."

On Thursday, Robert's representative quashed rumours that he had pulled out of all future public appearances.

He said: "Cosmopolis is a film that Robert is very proud of and looks forward to supporting.

"No confirmed engagements have been cancelled. Any reports to the contrary are inaccurate."

Robert, 26, has been staying at the Ojai, California ranch of his friend Reese Witherspoon after hearing his Twilight co-star had cheated on him with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.


  • Tony - 2012-08-06 11:59

    Give me a rusty blade to slit my wrists!

  • idille.borchers - 2012-08-06 12:40

    For goodness sake, is there nothing worthwhile you can report on? Who the heck is interested in this Kristen anyway?

  • anthony.denozo.336 - 2012-08-06 13:07

  • caroline.jacobs.1675 - 2012-08-06 16:48

    Robert is pathetic, for crying out loud this girl is 22 years old! He needs to grow up, she made a silly mistake, he needs to get over himself, cannot believe we are still reading about this, move on Kristen, you deserve better!

      brett.bruce.121 - 2012-08-06 19:40

      She was banging a married man and now she deserves better?

  • damian.greyone - 2012-08-07 00:57

    Zzzz Zzzzzzzz

  • goyougoodthing - 2012-08-07 11:47

    I thought she was lesbian and he was homosexual in any case

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