Lawrence of Arabia actor slaps fan

2011-10-28 11:37
Doha - Omar Sharif sure is a stickler for manners.

The 79-year-old Lawrence of Arabia star got a little too hands-on with a female fan on Thursday morning at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival in Qatar, slapping the woman when she cut in line for a photograph with him, TMZ reports.

The exchange occurred after the woman approached Sharif on the red carpet and asked for a photograph - despite the fact that there were other people waiting before her. Sharif didn't like it, and instead of rocking the Casbah he yelled at her in Arabic to wait her turn before letting fly with a hearty slap.

Previous incidents

Amazingly, the fan not only didn't flee in terror, but stuck around to have her picture taken with the actor, plastering a smile on her face as if she hadn't just gotten pummeled by one of the foremost actors of his generation.

Sharif has a history of hot-headed physical exchanges with strangers. He attacked a police officer in a Paris casino in 2003, and copped to misdemeanor battery in 2007 after brawling with a parking attendant in Beverly Hills.


  • Mike - 2011-10-28 13:19

    True Arabic contempt for women. Any other part of the world he would have been arrested for assault, instead he was probably applauded for it.

  • lynettevoostrum - 2011-10-29 20:41

    Always use to like him but it seems he is just another misbehaving Arab!

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