Lindsay's unusual sex scene request

2012-07-31 21:53
Los Angeles - Lindsay Lohan refused to do a sex scene on a new film until the crew stripped to their underwear.

The troubled actress - who has previously posed nude for Playboy magazine - was filming a scene on The Canyons that requires her to go topless, but she was so nervous she would not do it until the cameramen and other people on set took off their clothes with her.

After hesitating, the crew eventually agreed and filmed the rest of the scene in just their underwear, reports.

Lindsay has been through a difficult few years, entering rehab on a number of occasions and undergoing community service for a DUI case, but has been keen to get her life back on track in recent months.

She completed filming on TV movie Liz & Dick - where she plays the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor - earlier this summer and now working on The Canyons.

However, she has experienced a number of setbacks, including two car crashes this year.

In the most recent incident, her car tapped the back of a silver Mustang on Sunset Boulevard, but she and a male passenger did not stay long as they were concerned about paparazzi.


  • dominique.thom - 2012-08-01 06:42

    Good! She actually should have told them to get all touchy-feely with each other while being filmed as well! Where are the days when just kissing was enough and the rest was left to your imagination?!

      Bob.Cee123 - 2012-08-01 08:26

      Hey, if they gave the crew their own trailer (each) with a ridiculousy large paycheck (matching that of the actors) and a contract rider for which they could set the most ludicrous of terms, like the daily provision of a jar of 1234 Turquoise M&Ms and 7 bottles of Evian chilled to precisely 11.3 degrees etc etc, then maybe the point would make sense. Until then, she's read the script, signed the contract, probably already spent half the money on cocaine and it's not exactly porn she's being expected to perform now, is it.

  • sibs.dlamini.1 - 2012-08-01 09:27

    Maybe she'll insist that we all watch the movie in our underwear.

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