Mad Buddies targeted by pirates

2012-06-21 14:25
Cape Town - Leon Schuster's soon-to-be released comedy flick Mad Buddies  has already attracted the attention of movie pirates, reports Sowetanlive.

According to the newspaper, the movie's cover image is being used by fraudsters to sell their wares.

Sowetanlive reported that copies of the movie were already available for sale in the streets.

However, once people bought these copies, they found pirated copies of singer Ringo Madlingozi's music inside and not a pirated version of the movie.

When the newspaper told the singer about the situation he said: "Oh no!

"You are not serious. I am not aware of such a thing. I am hurt . Really, really hurt."

The South African Federation Against Copyright Theft assured the newspaper that they were doing everything to prevent fake copies of Mad Buddies being sold on the street.

The movie, starring Leon Schuster and Kenneth Nkosi, opens in cinemas across the country on 22 June.


  • ben.louw.5 - 2012-06-22 08:54

    People spend bandwidth on this?

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