No foul play in David R Ellis death - SAPS

2013-01-08 15:23
Johannesburg - South African police say no foul play is suspected in the death of David R Ellis, an American movie director whose body was found in a hotel bathroom in Johannesburg.

Sapa cites police as saying on Tuesday that the hotel manager discovered Ellis' body at around 13:00 on Monday.

Police say 60-year-old Ellis, who directed the movie Snakes on a Plane, was last seen on Saturday in a restaurant by a friend.

According to the news agency, police spokesperson Lungelo Dlamini said nothing was missing from Ellis's hotel room and no foul play is suspected "at this stage".

A post mortem was done on Tuesday morning, but the cause of death was still unknown.

Ellis was in Johannesburg working on Kite, a remake of the 1998 Japanese anime film that was to have starred Snakes on a Plane actor Samuel L Jackson.


  • nico.vandermerwe.54 - 2013-01-08 15:56

    How can they say no foul play if the cause of death is still unknown? They are obviously waiting for lab results, if they are still unsure. Don't botch this up whilst trying to impress 1st world authorities.

  • nielen.bottomley - 2013-01-08 16:21

    Hi Nico. If you look at the bottom of the page, you'll see it was sourced from 'AP', short for Associated Press. Associated Press is based in the US, a 1st world country. Don't botch this up while trying to get comment likes

  • sean.goldie.9 - 2013-01-08 22:18

    Is the reason for doing a post mortem not to ascertain cause of death??? So maybe Dr Molekoa was doing it but was not qualified to tell us his ass from his elbow.....

  • zip.reeper - 2013-01-09 02:17

    what type of person would make a movie called Snakes on a Plane?

      DeeinSouthAfrica - 2013-01-09 07:04

      Have you seen it. If you suspend your intellect for a while and just enjoy the action it ain't half bad.

  • Tafae - 2013-01-09 08:16

    . . .Like they could distinguish between Shaleen Surtie-Richards or Charlize Theron sitting on their faces. Bunch of morons.

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