Nu Metro beefs up Batman security

2012-07-25 13:21
Shaheema Barodien
Cape Town - Nu Metro announced plans on Wednesday to "reinforce security procedures" at their cinemas for the opening of The Dark Knight Rises in South Africa this week, after mass shootings in the US left 12 Batman movie fans dead.

The Dark Knight Rises opens in cinemas across South Africa on 27 July.

At a midnight screening of the movie on the day of its release in the US on Friday, a masked gunman opened fire in a crowded cinema in Aurora, Colorado, killing 12 people and wounding 58 others.

The shocking incident forced the cancellation of the The Dark Knight Rises red carpet premiere in Paris that day, which stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Gary Oldman and director Christopher Nolan were due to attend.

In addition, scheduled premieres in Tokyo and Mexico City for The Dark Knight Rises were cancelled and extra security was stationed at theatres over the weekend.

'Makes no sense'

Mark Harris, Content Executive for Nu Metro Cinemas, said that Nu Metro is "shocked and saddened by the tragedy… Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims and their families."

"Our customer's safety is, and will always continue to be a priority for us," he added. "In the wake of this terrible incident in the USA, we will be reinforcing our security procedures (in terms of standard Health and Safety policies already in place) with our teams at cinema level around the country."

On his 5FM breakfast show on Wednesday, Gareth Cliff said Nu Metro's decision to increase security "makes no sense".

"We are such pattern-seeking animals," said the shock jock. "Just because it happened in Colorado doesn't mean its going to happen in Montecasino."

Harris assured moviegoers: "This incident, horrific as it is, is random and isolated and movie theatres are a safe place to seek entertainment."

Ster Kinekor did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether they had any similar security plans for their cinemas.

* Are Nu Metro over-reacting or just being cautious? Will the shootings in the US keep you away from the movie theatre when The Dark Knight Rises is released in South Africa on Friday? Send us your thoughts and get published!


  • Castiel - 2012-07-25 13:32

    I think this is going a bit far don't you?

      tuco.angeleyes - 2012-07-25 14:04

      My thoughts exactly. This is getting too ridiculous. Next thing some fool is going to propose pat downs and body searches in Menlyn/Sandton../major SA malls because of what some nut job did in USA. It was a tragic event, yes but, please man. Such publicity stunts are unwarranted

      jeeves.eddings - 2012-07-25 14:08

      When is beefing up security in South Africa ever a bad thing? Criminals here hit everything from churches to supermarkets. I'll take all the extra protection for my kids that can be provided!

      philani.goba - 2012-07-25 14:19

      Lol..we dont even watch it at cinema, a good cam version from the states does the trick

      preshen.govender.90 - 2012-07-25 14:51

      I will understand if was a Leon Schuster movie

  • brandon.faber.908 - 2012-07-25 13:42

    yeah this is stupid. it's like adding security at a soccer much because of hooliganism at a club game in Brazil.

  • dean.kabasa - 2012-07-25 13:46

    I agree with Gareth Cliff on this one. Unless there is proof that the Colorado shooting was planned beyond one person and one location I don't see a need to overreact. That said, I did go to watch the preview by Cresta mall last Sunday and felt slightly nervous when the movie was just starting and a this one dude kept walking up and down the isle, but I recon he worked there.

      tuco.angeleyes - 2012-07-25 14:07

      your mind has to some extent already been conditioned to fear cinemas.

  • daren.mudaly - 2012-07-25 13:46

    Really?????? This movie is going to break box office records with all this publicity

  • blank.afrika - 2012-07-25 13:47

    I gotta laugh at this

  • amy.dejager - 2012-07-25 14:05

    Uhmm Okay .. You go Nu Metro! ha-ha

  • sean.murphy.165 - 2012-07-25 14:10

    What a bunch of morons. what happened had nothing to do with the movie and everything to do with a derranged nut looking for a crowd. It could have happened anywhere. So what are they going to do. Prevent people with legal firearms from entering so that we are all defenceless if some nut shows up. I carry a firearm everywhere, precisely so I can defend myself against an attack by criminals or this kind of lunatic. I will not be disarmed and defenceless so that Nu metro can feel better about their own stupidity.

      mofstok - 2012-07-25 14:38

      Yeah, we live in Gangster's Paradise already as it is. I am just very curious as to what these supposed extra "security measures" entail? Metal Detectors and security guards with little plastic batons or something? That'll do the trick! Stupidity is alive and well.

  • IcemanGP - 2012-07-25 14:13

    Why, do we also have orange haired crazies here with an arsenal of weapons ready to maim and kill fellow human beings here? Our killers are cowards, they prey on weak old people out on farms, and babies.

  • lulama - 2012-07-25 14:20

    We are not as crazy as the other guys. We just rob, rape and do the occasional killing. No mass murderers here, we are safe.

  • rodney.sambo - 2012-07-25 14:23

    Laugh Ma Full Ass OUT!!!! I just died, lol!!!

  • henk.jansevanrensburg.16 - 2012-07-25 14:57

    Remember to look for Pick axes as we have draconian gun laws!

  • reon.dereuck - 2012-07-25 15:01

    Nu Metro, open more tills .....

  • watsongeorgejan - 2012-07-25 15:02

    I agree with Gareth Cliff, just because some Dumb American nut wanted his fifteen minutes of fame does'nt mean we're all going to go bonkers and start shooting anything that walks. What's even more irritating is that we're giving this loon the attention he so desperately sought.

  • mightymousewes - 2012-07-25 15:10

    Really, this is what its come down to now!! Strip search before you enter a movie?? Sorry, that's my box of astros, not a gun!!! No, I really think this is really unecessory... Why don't they up security, where needed, like areas in Cape Town, not a flippen movie house!!

  • thoboki - 2012-07-25 15:12

    They are not over reactiong, people who are mentally disturbed or similar to the colorado shooter would understandably be stimulated by batman movies, clearly!!!! and anyone who would like to recreate or have the same ideas as the colorado shooter would or could possibly do so having witnessed was has unfolded in the the us..

  • thoboki - 2012-07-25 15:16

    These shooting are probably outbursts, social or religeous statements and this movie can be seen as a platform for those to do make such! especially to get the worlds attention

  • mlondolozi.matshini - 2012-07-25 15:16

    after an incedent like that, it was necessary for NuMetro to make that announcement to ensure the public it won't happen to them. am sure there are people who are still scared to watch Batman.

  • bounca363 - 2012-07-25 15:43

    OK Guys, when superman releases, we need the army to lockdown the theatres when the screenings take place. Its a risk to national security. lmao. Hight of paranoir.

  • Jeremy.Traygon.Opperman - 2012-07-25 15:51

    This is very relevant, the locals in this country far too easily throw away their own heritage in favor of copying the Americans. So many South Africans have an American accent and they have not even been states side - For the love of all things good - please beef up security so the plethora of shallow self denying copy cats in this country can be stopped trying to copy the recent shootings.... :P

  • krista.olivierzwarts - 2012-07-26 16:50

    From what I understand, he didn't even enter with any fire-arms, he left once the movie had started and went to his car parked in a parking area not meant for the public and then entered via a fire-escape door once armed. So extra security before the show started would not have prevented this anyway.

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