Oliver Stone: US marijuana is best

2012-07-06 19:51
Los Angeles - Oliver Stone has smoked great marijuana all over the world, from Vietnam and Thailand to Jamaica and South Sudan.

But the filmmaker says the best weed is made in the USA and that pot could be a huge growth industry for taxpayers if it were legalised.

Stone, whose drug-war thriller Savages opens in the US on Friday, has been a regular toker since his days as an infantryman in Vietnam in the late 1960s and knows a good herb when he inhales one.

He insisted in a recent interview that no one is producing better stuff now than US growers.

"There's good weed everywhere in the world, but my God, these Americans are brilliant," said Stone, 65, who sees only benefits from legalising marijuana.

"It can be done. It can be done legally, safely, healthy, and it can be taxed."


  • smellarat.smith - 2012-07-06 20:18

    Oliver Stoned, I prefer single malt on the rocks, but would be happy if cannabis is legalized, or at least decriminalized. Hard drugs should forever be prohibited, because unlike alcohol and cannabis, even a few exposures could lead to devastating addiction. With terrible consequences for those individuals and their loved ones.

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